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Film Photography for Community by Community

An independent print magazine

Pamplemousse Magazine is a powerful voice in the film photography community, highlighting the work of up-and-coming and established photographers through photo features, essays, and interviews. The goal of Pamplemousse is to provide a platform for photographers and analog artists to share their work in print, and create something beautiful and inspiring for readers to hold in their hands.

We value creativity, originality, and innovation, and strive to support underrepresented voices.

Pamplemousse was founded by San Francisco based artist Nora Lalle in 2021. The magazine has roots in the San Francisco photography community and continues to maintain a strong connection to local artists, while also featuring film photographers from all over the world.

The magazine is published four times per year with each issue presenting 100+ color pages of compelling photography and artist features. Pamplemousse is printed on premium coated paper by Park Communications in London, England.

Pamplemousse aims to be beautiful, engaging, innovative, and informative, while maintaining a spirit of whimsy and fun.

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Founder & Creative Director
Nora Lalle


Editor & Content Director
Erik Poppen

Design & Layout
Sierra Gondrez


Sasha Netchaev @snetchaev
Art Director, Design & Layout

- Logotype design
- Art Director for HUMAN, ALTERNATIVE & LIFE issues


Pamplemousse has evolved from a very simple idea for a zine to the beautiful magazine it is today.

✨️ March 2021 - The idea is born.

✨️ June 2021 - Monthly Pamplemousse zines start circulating.

✨️ June 2022 - Quarterly Pamplemousse relaunch - CALM Issue #1 is released

✨️ September 2022 - NOSTALGIA Issue #2 is released

✨️ December 2022 - CURIOSITY Issue #3 is released

✨️ March 2023 - EVOLUTION Issue #4 is released

✨️ April 2023 - Team expands, vision for a more evolved Pamplemousse is put in motion

✨️ June 2023 - HUMAN Issue #5 is released. Huge relaunch party, momentum is building

✨️ September 2023 - ALTERNATIVE Issue #6 is released

✨️ October 2023 - Pamplemousse starts working with UK based Park Communications & RA & Olly for printing and distributing

✨️ December 2023 - LIFE Issue #7 is released

✨️ March 2024 - ADVENTURE Issue #8 will be released!

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Subscribe for community news, updates & inspiration!