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Pamplemousse Magazine would not exist without the community of passionate film photographers who have supported the project from the beginning. Building community will always be one of our most important values. We hope that the print magazine along with our events and future programming will continue to make connections, and provide inspiration, and support to the people who helped get us here.

In addition to our open submission calls for each print issue, we try to engage with the community in creative ways. 

In December 2023 we launched a traveling disposable camera community project. We sent 3 disposable cameras around the US, each one passing through the hands of 5 photographers. Each person took a few photos and then sent the camera along to the next person. The cameras returned to San Francisco in February and we found ourselves with 3 very unique rolls of film created by our community!

THE LOVE ISSUE #9 features an article about the project & shares a handful of the images in print. Here you will find a gallery of images that we did not have room to publish. Huge thank you to the participating photographers and USPS!

Kristina Kameron @kriskameron_
Anaheim, CA

Terry McIntosh @terrymcintosh_
Charlotte, NC

Sam Dale @2wheel_toot
Denver, CO

Matt Kaufman @matthewkaufman
Grayslake, IL

Claire Tweedy @scoutphoto
Aspen, CO

Tia Thompson @film_from.t.to.you
Wasilla, AK

Wyatt Miller @eurekascaptures
Decatur, GA

Justin Landsman @landsmanfilm
Denver, CO

Bryan Hart @_b.hart_
Chicago, IL

Matt Sanchez @ttttarantula
Gladstone, OR

Subscribe for community news, updates & inspiration!

Subscribe for community news, updates & inspiration!