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This issue is about love.

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This issue explores arguably the most intense, beautiful and complicated human emotion: love. Self love, family love, romantic love, even love for a place or experience. The work in this issue will examine themes of connection, closeness and intimacy as well as heartbreak -  the grief we all have to deal with when we love someone or something and the relationship ends in one way or another. Love is at the center of so many of our human experiences.


+ Intimate work by Sarah Mei Herman

+ Love for culture with images by Thalía Gochez

+ A studio visit with Jamie Jaye Fletcher

+ A project exploring grief by Casey Joiner

& more!

Featured Projects by:
Maggie Carey 
Jamie Jaye Fletcher 
Thalía Gochez 
Sarah Mei Herman 
Casey Joiner 
Rashod Taylor 
Alejandra Zapanta-Arroyo 

Contributing Artists:

Kristie Cornell, Kish Daniels, Mustafa Sarp Danisoglu, Nitzia Garcia, Addi Gilliam, Alexander Gouletas, Hannah Holladay, Jade Joannès, Elizabeth Max, Lindsey McCallum, Matt McGrath, Jesse Bryant Nagelberg, Federico Possati, Cesar Alejandro Roiz, Rhonda M. Smith, Salvador Torres III

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