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FALL 2023

This issue is about exploration, play & going against the norm. Celebrating the unconventional and letting creativity flow.

$25 + shipping


Alternative analog photography in practice

Community projects doing it diferently

An invitation to fuck around & play

& much more!


Featured Photographers

Kari Orvik (Cover)
Malcolm Squire 
Christine Huhn 
Mitch Baker


Yuri Avila, Emmanuel David Blackwell III, Ali Boab, Patrick Brown, Brittany Buchanan, Jan Niklas Buri, Victoria Campa, Evelyn Goroza, Dylanger Gutierrez, Michele Hamparian, Danny Jay, Lauren Marcelle Johnson, Mila Maes, Alessandra Nieto, Serena Pappas, Hunter Ridenour, Rach Rolls, Leo Vallejo, Ngân Vũ, Malindi Walker, Yvonne Yeh

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